Why I’m not Here

A family crisis coupled by bad weather has kept me from reading and posting.

I hope to be back online in a few days and hopefully begin to catch up on


Peace and happiness to all…and keep the ink flowing!

Many thanks!






For some unknown reason, the mists of confusion which forever plagues my mind decided to momentarily dissipate. A nanosecond of comprehensible thought gathered and burst forth. An epiphany I suppose. One sane moment, when there was actually an answer instead of only questions. Fleetingly it hung suspended, waiting. I flew to it and grasped it with both hands, not willing to let it escape. As I held it, the object began a subtle change. Eyes wide open, cautiously I watched as clear and distinct thoughts arranged and formed, aligning in a manner of which I had not often seen. Rational thoughts parading in perfect sequence on an invisible page–And then it was gone.


©2008, 2013 All Rights Reserved.

Intricacies of the Mind Mysterious


The mists circle

Wandering aimlessly

Concentric motions of inhabited time


In the winds of wonderment


In the makings of the mind.


What lies behind the seeing of the eyes

Beyond that

Which cannot be noticed in the view…



Left to the thinking

Passages of infinity held


In solemn shadows


 And flowing endlessly.


Rindles of resemblance

Raging quietly–


Left behind.



©2008, 2013 All Rights Reserved.




Seared flesh.

And in a moment

Memories brand

Themselves to the



Acrid aroma or

Fragrance divine.


©2010, 2012 All Rights Reserved.





“Oh dear,” Said the water to the wind. “You give me the vapors!”

“I am your friend.” The wind replied. “With me you’ll soar into the sky.”

“I don’t like heights.” Said the tiny droplet, trembling.

“Oh my little droplet,” The wind then did proclaim.

“You’ve run as streams and rivers, sparkled in the day. 

You’ve nurtured many things. Do not be afraid.”


I watched with great amazement as the wind then took to air

And raised the tiny droplet with the utmost care.

They rose in rippling wonder, a mirage before my eyes

So far into the yonder, then what to my surprise…


The tiny little droplet danced freely in the air

Became a wisp of cloud, none other could compare.

 It grew in height and stature, floating way up in the sky

 Then began to fall as gently as it first had climbed.


Twas then I heard the laughter, lifting in the wind

“This is so much fun; I want to do it all again!”


A thought of contemplation flowed slowly through my mind

As I paused to wonder, looking to the sky…


Just like this condensation everything must end

But an ending’s just a start for something to begin.


©2009-2012 All Rights Reserved.



A new year will soon begin. May peace, love and happiness

Be the treasures of your days.

Rachael :)

Two Lumps or Three?

Two Lumps or Three?


Parasol in hand

Lemon tea from a jar

More sugar please

As I pass the bizarre


A tale of uncanny

A most bitter end

I swallowed a seed

And it choked off my wind!


My face shaded blue

In the heat of the day

I stumbled and fell

My drink flowing away


My parasol broke

A wind whisked it far

Lost one of my shoes

Got hit by a car…


(At least it knocked the seed loose)


Oh what a day

If I’d known you could bet

I’d have stayed safe at home

On the couch and just slept. 



©2009-2012 All Rights Reserved.




I walk between shadows

Of lines unseen

I walk between laughter

And unheard screams

The light, the dark

All my dreams

Loudly, silently

It seems

Loudly, silently

All my dreams

The light, the dark

And unheard screams

I walk between laughter

Of lines unseen

I walk between shadows

(It seems)

©2009-2012 All Rights Reserved


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